How To Avoid Small Kitchen Repair Projects 

how to avoid small kitchen repair projects

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most exciting home improvement jobs there is… it is fun to see the transformation, to have a new looking kitchen, and, it will drive up the value of your home, fast.

But, it can also be overwhelming. These tips will help you choose the right areas to focus on your remodel.

Counter Tops – Small Kitchen Repairs 

Choosing the right countertops is critical. But, you have to know what your goal is.

Do you do a lot of work in your kitchen? Durability and resistance to water are critical.

Is your kitchen just a place where you eat, but you don’t cook much? Durability is less of a factor.

Are you looking to make your kitchen showroom of your home? You will want to go with top materials.

For durability and water resistance, hard stone materials like granite, onyx, and marble are best. Of those, granite is the most affordable and offers the most durable workspace. It can take a beating and has no problem with water. You can not put hot things on granite, but other than that, it can withstand whatever you throw at it.

For a cheaper option, especially if you do not cook much is tile. Tile is reasonably durable, though it can get dirty quickly. But, if you only do a small to moderate amount of cooking, it will serve you well.


Your choice of the floor should be similar to your selection of countertops. In general, tile and hard stories do the best in the kitchen. Carpet and wood floors get damaged quickly because your kitchen is prone to wetness (From spills, around the sink, food, and drink) and moisture from cooking.


Here is where you have a significant amount of choice. Want a bright, open kitchen area? Go with light colors.

If you want a more intimate dining area, go with warm, earth colors. You can also mix it up by adding an accent wall to break it up.

Choosing a Contractor

This part can be scary for most people. But, it doesn’t have to be. Do your research, look at review sites, talk to friends. If a company has an overwhelmingly positive track record, you’re probably in good hands. Take a company like Fine Home Contracting (kitchen remodeling company in CT) as an example. Their positive success record has grown their company ten fold.

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