The Importance of Home Decor in Houston Real Estate Investing

the importance of home decoration when investing in real estate

According to Houston’s top home buyer company, usually when someone thinks about home decor, they consider that the job of an interior designer creating a permanent look, whether it’s in commercial or a residential setting. In lesser known cases, interior designers actually will help with home staging, in order to either create a test unit for an apartment complex or try to help sell a home more quickly. But this is often overlooked in the world of real estate investors.


Real estate investors focus on the deal, that is, finding a property that can be a fixer upper and flipping it to make cash a profit. While that’s an oversimplified description of a real estate investor and their roles, the one thing they have in common is that they focus on the deal and not so much on the sale. An investor specializes in taking a damaged home and restoring it or remodeling it to a higher level that warrants market or higher-than-market price. However, when an investor completes a home and puts it up on the market, they can often make the same mistakes as homeowners in not maximizing curb appeal and interior design. This can lead to potential loss in buyers and taking the home longer to sell, which locks up funds for other properties that they can turn around and restore or flip.


Real estate investors need to take a look at some interior design tips when it comes to preparing the home for sale. The unique advantage they have is that they can actually plan the interior design ahead of time and actually build the renovations out to accommodate it. When you have a home that matches the style of the interior’s furnishing and layout, that creates a better synergistic feel that will hit the potential buyer when they’re being shown the home. With these basic psychological advantages, selling a home becomes a LOT easier than simply going off a guessing game of whether the potential buyer is “feeling” the home. In many cases, giving the interior an extra touch or even its own personality will intrigue the buyer and they’ll think that it’s something unique they need to have. Homeowners that have been on both the buyer and seller side can relate to how important this is when looking for a home or trying to sell one. Checking out some real estate and housing tips can also give some insight from both sides.


Interior design takes a little more forethought than just straight up investing and flipping, but the advantages are that you can sell the home more quickly as well as potentially even price it a little higher, targeting higher ticket audiences and making an even better profit margin. This model of investing is not commonly seen and can go a long way in increasing revenue as well as giving a higher quality feel to the brand for the company handling the rehab. In either case, getting the home on the market and selling it faster means saving time with money locked in a particular property. Time is money!

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